Welcome to Arkansas Beer Blog

from http://arkansasfoodies.com/

Welcome to the first post of the unofficially official Arkansas Beer Blog!  Somehow, we have claimed the state of Arkansas and the craft beer within.  Thanks for stopping by!  You will find, in the future, many reviews, style explanations, stories and docudramas all about craft beer in this website.  What makes us different from the other million craft beer sites?  We are ALL ABOUT ARKANSAS!  What’s that you say? Arkansas is a little behind the times with craft beer?   Well, you may be a little right, but one thing is for sure: we have craft beer geeks who love and appreciate good beer.  It’s a good time to dive into the amazing world of craft beer as well – thanks to wonderful people like Glidewell Distributing, we are seeing an explosion in diverse world class beer available here in the Natural State!

Take a moment and subscribe to our blog, memorize the domain name, or even carve the website into your desk – don’t forget us!  We will be bringing you all the latest information about craft beers in Arkansas, when and where they will be hitting shelves, and most importantly – how they taste.  You heard that right – we will be slaving away – drinking these beers and explaining the flavors, nuance, and history behind each one.  We have an inside track with our beer friends in Arkansas and you can get that secret scoop about what beers are coming!  Impress your friends with inside information – this isn’t insider trading, it’s insider beering.

We hope to see you in the near future.  Make a comment, say hello, tell us your opinion – there is no limit!



4 thoughts on “Welcome to Arkansas Beer Blog

  1. Michael says:

    Glad to see you guys up and running. We’ll be sure to link you over at Arkansas Foodies. Keep us posted on what beer is headed our way – we’re always in the mood to try new stuff.

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