A Missouri Vineyard’s Belgian Wheat

Review: Charleville Half Wit Wheat
Drink if you like: Citrus flavors, pizza, sharp cheeses, and being neighborly.

Take a whiff of wheat (and orange) in half wit wheat.

Half Wit Wheat is a Belgian style Wheat beer.  This particular beer is brewed in Genevieve, Missouri, at Charleville Vineyard.  You read that right; this vineyard also makes craft beer!  But why would wine people also brew beer?  There’s a good answer to that question: quality, flavor and value.   Too many people see the stereotype of wine snobs and beer slobs.  Truth be known, wine people and beer people are all in the same boat.  We are individuals who pay close attention to flavor, complexity, nuance and, of course, that bar bill. What’s the main difference between the two?  I’ve always explained it in the following way:  Wine is an amazing beverage, and when we drink wine, we are reflecting on the grape and what happened out in Mother Nature that year.  A dry year, a wet year, mountainous, hot, cold; it’s like you are seeing a beautiful nature scene.  Craft beer is like an art; the brewer has complete control over everything and has a large palette to paint a beautiful beer.  When you drink a craft beer, you are reflecting on the brewer’s creation.  Just as you would appreciate a fine piece of art and reflect upon what the artist in conveying, you have a conversation with the brewer when you drink craft beer.  Some brewers say astonishing and eloquent things.  Some say “let’s get drunk on the cheap! BUURRRRP” (think Colt 45).
The craft beer movement is getting more and more wine converts (and their super palates) every day; they appreciate the flavor and depth of wonderful beer.  One of the main drivers, though, is value – why pay $24 dollars for that bottle of good wine when you can buy amazing world-class beer?  You can spend $10-$20 dollars on a glass of wine at a fine restaurant, or you can spend $5-$10 and get a superior and amazing glass of beer.  Looking for complexity and an amazing food pair?  Do you want more bang for your buck?  Beer is your answer!

I digress – it’s time to pay a little attention to this beer we have right here!  Let’s drink.

Yup... gonna drink that.

Half wit wheat pours hazy deep yellow/gold color that reminds you of laid back, easy Sunday mornings. There’s a big white head, but it lacked retention. A very small amount of lacing. Slight bubblization (made up word). I see yeast…or my glass is dirty.  When you smell the beer you get coriander spice with citrus- a little orange and a little lemon.  Mouth feel is light-medium bodied; it’s a little slick or oily.  That’s ok though, it makes the beer seem very thirst quenching.  Taste follows closely to the smell. Light orange and a hint of Coriander.  The citrus is the star of the show with nothing else really shining through.  It finishes fast (that’s what she said). The beer seems a little watered down.   This is a nice summer drink and is another good gateway beer because of the lack of flavor punch.  I can imagine myself slurping down a whole 22 ounces of this after a long day of chopping wood, wrestling bears, building houses, or answering emails.
I shared this beverage with my “Thirsty Thursday” crew – a group of hardcore Busch Light drinkers.  It was a hit!  The guys loved the beer and called it “the every man’s craft beer.”  If you see this beer on tap at a sports bar or pizza joint, order it in the biggest glass possible!

We gave this beer a rating of 3.5 diamonds:

Find this beer at the following spectacular suds slingers:

"The every-man's craft beer"

Beef O’Brady’s– For Smith
Empire Liquor – Fort Smith
Shamrock Liquor – Fort Smith
On The Border Liquor – Fort Smith
Colonial Wines and Spirits – Little Rock
Markham Street Liquor – Little Rock
Crossover Liquor – Fayetteville
City Liquor – Fayetteville
Liquor Mart & Wine Shoppe – Fayetteville
Premier Wine & Spirits – Fayetteville
Town & Country Liquor – Fayetteville
Wedington Liquor – Fayetteville
Fiesta Liquor – Springdale
Macadoodle’s – Springdale
Sullivant’s Liquor – Fort Smith
Service Liquor & Wines – Hot Springs
Marina Liquor – Hot Springs
Arka Valley Liquor – Atkins
Lake Liquor – Maumelle
Beer Depot and Liquor – Royal
Du-Jack’s Liquor – Texarkana
Vincent’s Fine Wine & Liquor – Texarkana

Charleville Half Wit Wheat – 4.5% abv – $3.79 MSRP


2 thoughts on “A Missouri Vineyard’s Belgian Wheat

  1. Jason Skerbitz says:

    Another great beer by Charleville!! I’ve been enjoying numerous beers by them down here at Beef’s Fort Smith (Beef-O-Brady’s) for several months now, my favorite one being Hoptimistic…. hopefully u will review that one soon as well…. awesome beer! Keep up the good work beergeek!!

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