The surprising taste of Lambrucha

Beer Tasting:  Vanberg & DeWulf Lambrucha

Drink if you like: herbal teas, wine such as chardonnay and pinot grigio, pungent cheeses, surprises

Lambrucha...... does that lion have eight arms?

So what does beer taste like?  A large portion of America says “crisp, clean and drinkable.”   What’s the most drinkable beverage?  What quenches your thirst more than anything?  Water.  A few athletes may say fierce grape gatorade and I have to admit it would be hard to argue against that; but let’s just go with water for this blog post.   Over the years, American taste buds have gotten lazy and we buy beer because we love a brand.  Next time you are at a party try this trick.  Get a cold Bud Light and a cold Coors Light; pour a couple ounces of each into two cups – making 4 cups total.  Bet a dollar or two with a friend stating you can’t tell the difference between Bud and Coors.  “Dude, of course I can, I hate Coors Light.”  Point to those cups and say name which is which.  What will happen?  You will win big – and you’ll win every time.  Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a Rocky Mountain cold Coors Light when the occasion presents itself.  But for some reason, people expect – and compare – all beers to these watered-down American macro suds.  It’s like comparing a juicy steak to water.   It’s crazy.   Beer is a profoundly diverse beverage and exploring that is a wonderful thing to share with friends.  If you want to show someone how beer does NOT always taste like bud light, Lambrucha is the beer for you.   It’s a blend of a lambic beer and kombucha tea.  Lambics are fermented spontaneously – just as beers were hundreds of years ago.  Wild things floating in the air give these beers an amazing flavor!

Yeast is good.

Let’s explore the depths of beer flavor now:

It pours with a craggy soft white head.  After taking a whiff you realize this does not smell like your average beer: lemon and lime, sour tart candy, fantastic herbal tea notes, cider and fancy perfume you’d fine at the mall.  That’s no Coors light, Bud.   Appearance is nice and light, kind of like chardonnay.   After taking a taste you have an initial attack of tartness, like the beer will be a sour ale, but then lip smackingly delicious citrus notes calm everything down.  You start to notice the herbal tea as you drink more and the beer warms.    You taste something that’s hard to put your finger on – a lot of us beer geeks just say “flowers.”  I would venture out and compare this beer’s nuances to magnolia – sweet, invigorating and sharp.   This beer is refreshing in a flavor sense as well as a metaphorical sense.  Have a glass of this beer and tear down the wall of fizzy yellow water.

You can find this beer at the following outstanding beer friendly establishments:
Colonial Wine & Spirits – Little Rock
Hillcrest Liquor – Little rock
Crush Wine Bar – North Little Rock
Springhill Wine & Spirits – North Little Rock
The Wine Cellar – Fayetteville
Macadoodles – Springdale

Vanberg & DeWulf Lambrucha – ABV 3.5% – MSRP $9.19 for a 25.4oz bottle

We gave this beer 4 diamonds


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