Bar food beer

Beer Review:
Anadolu Efes Brewery – Efes Dark

Drink if you like: Heineken, Things from the country Turkey, bar food

Fun fact: leopards do live in sourthern Turkey, but they look nothing like this guy on the bottle.

Have you ever wondered what beer you’d drink if you were in Istanbul, Turkey?  Well look no further!  Today we are tasting Efes Dark, which can best be described as a Euro-lager.  According to the Anadolu Efes Brewery website, they describe this beer like so: “Efes Dark, especially caramel flavor, darker color and fuller with smoking is a certain difference.”  You can tell Google had a hard time translating that one.   From what I picked up, they use darker-than-pale roasted malt with caramel and smoky undertones.  Or perhaps they are saying that this beer is great to smoke with?  I believe both statements are true.   This is a beer that won’t make you sit and think.  It’s a great beer to throw back while watching a game and munching on bar food.  That slight roast and hint of smoke will let the beer stand up to most cheesy, deep fried, crunchy, salty, heart-killing American bar food.  Perhaps those Turks know a thing or two about sports bars?  After all, when Istanbul was part of the Ottoman Empire there were over 1,400 public toilets all around the city. It’s true!  Comparatively, at the same time, there were none in the rest of Europe.  Yup, Turks know what happens after you eat a multitude of bar food.

Rx: Take 5 gulps as needed or each time your sports team does something stupid.

Let us slug one down:

The beer pours pretty standard for a thin lager.  It appears to be a nice light brown color, slightly darker than New Castle or another brown ale.   When you take a smell, you don’t get much – just your classic slight pale lager malt, with a little skunky note due to the clear bottle.  The beer is very quaffable – it’s light on the tongue and easy to swallow.  Nice carbonation.  You taste just a hint of bittering hops in the back, and just a hint of some roasty malt.  Considering the higher alcohol content of this beer, the drinkability is a plus.  If you let it warm just a bit, you may even be able to pick out some very hidden sweeter dark fruit like plum.  Overall, this is a beer to have with some buffalo wings, cheese stuffed peppers, potato chips, and a group of rowdy sports fans.

You can find this beer at the following places:

Ace Liquor Store – Cabot
Colonial Wine & Spirits – Little Rock
Sullivant’s Liquor – Little Rock
Pat’s Beverage Shop – North Little Rock
Springhill Wine & Spirits – North Little Rock
The Bottle – Fayetteville
Theo’s – Fayetteville
The Wine Rack & Spirits Shoppe – Hot Springs
Corner Liquor Store – Hot Springs
Macadoodles – Springdale
The Vineyard – Fort Smith
Ralph’s Pink Flamingo – Fort Smith
Liquor Mart – Fort Smith
Shamrock Liquor – Fort Smith
On the Border Liquor – Fort Smith

We gave this beer 2.5 diamonds.

Anadolu Efes Brewery – Efes Dark – 6.5% ABV – MSRP $10.19 for a 6 pack of 12oz bottles


2 thoughts on “Bar food beer

  1. Michelle Glidewell says:

    I was watching the history channel last friday night and they have a new series called Hairy Bikers. It is about a couple of chefs turned bikers and they cruise around to taste local foods etc. The first night they were in Arkansas – they hit McClards BBQ in Hot springs, etc. The point to the story is the friday night show they were in central oklahoma. They did a whole segment on Choc beer at Krebs – the choc guys even created a special label for them. At their next stop – they paired the beer with Oklahomas finest hamburger in Meer Oklahoma. Just thought it was neat.

    1. arbeergeek says:

      Sounds like our kind of show! With the diversity of beer, it’s food’s best friend. Don’t let wine snobs look down at you – beer goes better with cheese! Amazing parings can be made with nearly every kind of food – stouts and oysters, saisons and funky cheeses, the list goes on forever. Soon enough, we will see beer get the respect it deserves on restaurant menus- Viva La Beer Revolucion!

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