A Real Lager for Oktober

Beer Review:  Hirter Morchl

Drink if you like: Milk chocolate, bread, gigantic steins of beer, German lagers

Where's a 3 liter stein when you need one?

There are two kinds of beer on this earth – Lagers and Ales.  Every type of beer, save a few very interesting ones, belongs to one or the other.  What’s the difference?  A combination of temperatures, yeast, and standards of ingredients.   Generally speaking, lagers have a cleaner, more focused flavor, and Ales have a spicier and fruitier flavor profile.   When you think of a lager, think cooler temperatures and therefore a “cooler” flavor temperament; no flavors running around wild.   Is one better than the other?  Of course not!  Any good beer is just that – good beer.   Speaking of good beer, today we are going to experience Bavaria’s gift to the world – a Munich Dunkel Lager.  It’s October after all, and that means one big thing for beer – OKTOBERFEST ROCKTOBERFEST!  You have no doubt seen every brewery and each of their ugly stepchildren sell every kind of bastardized Oktoberfest beer, t-shirt, shaker glass and even life-sized David Hasselhoff cut-outs.  It’s painfully obvious that a wonderful tradition has jumped shark.  How about we pay some respect to how things used to be and drink some authentic Bavarian beer – right here in Arkansas!  So strap on your lederhosen! Fire up the Tuba!  Don’t assemble an army and invade Poland, mmk?  Let’s just drink some beer!

Let’s crack this one open.

Das ist ein gutes Bier!

This beer comes from Austria, but is in the Munich style, so don’t take off those shiny dancing shoes and knee high socks yet.  These folks have a good idea as to what this lager should taste like.  When you pour Hirter Morchl, you get a lovely, very dark ruby hue.  You do not get a giant head, but that’s ok, it’s a nice change of pace from the previous Belgian beers we’ve been drinking.  After taking a whiff, you get some standard thick bready malts and some toasted bread as well.  Yum, liquid bread, right?  Wait, what’s that, there’s something a little sweet in there too… milk chocolate.  After you take a standard Bavarian drink – which is a mega 5 gulps for us Americans – you will notice the viscosity is rather thin – it’s not chewy (like bread?) or thick like motor oil.  This, my friends, is a beer made to be drank is mass quantities.  You will taste wonderful subtle milk chocolate and bitter dark chocolate notes.  Darker fruits in the end give the body a stable sweetness.  The carbonation is spot on – it’s a bit soft, but still makes the beer light on your tongue.  I could easily drink a 3 liter stein of this beer, while singing German drinking songs; or perhaps slurring random words out with the rhythms of those songs.

We gave this beer 4 diamonds



Brauerei Hirt Hirter Morchl – 5% ABV – MSRP $2.30 for a 16.9oz bottle

You can find this wonderful Oktoberfest beer at:

Colonial Wine & Spirits – Little Rock
Flying Saucer – Little Rock
Lake Liquor – Maumelle
Macadoodles – Springdale
Eastside Liquor – Elkins
Springhill Wine & Spirits – North Little Rock
The Wine Rack & Spirits  Shoppe – Hot Springs
Wedington Liquor – Fayetteville
White Oak #37 – Fayetteville
Beef O’Brady’s – Fort Smith
In Good Spirits – Fort Smith
Liquor Mart – Fort Smith


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