Semi Finals: Kinship Conflict

Brother VS Brother!
Can this beer draw the blood is his very own brother?!

Not since the days of the Civil War have two brothers prepared for the battle of their lives in opposing corners. The semi-final round of the IPA Beer Brawl has created just such a matchup. Moylan’s Moylander Double IPA tries to advance to the finals, while his older brother, Moylan’s Hopsickle Imperial IPA, puts everything on the line in this inter-family clash.

Moylander’s double batch of American 2-Row, CaraVienne, and Crystal malt is steadied by a double portion of Chinook, Simcoe, and Glacier hops. Still hoppy at 90 IBUs, but more stable than most IPAs due to its strong malt backbone.  Hopsickle cares nothing about balanced malt/hops proportions. He relies on his bittering speed with a mix of Chinook, Columbus, Simcoe, Cascade, and Ahtanum hops and a base of American 2-Row, Crystal, and Acidulated malt. At 100+ IBUs, Hopsickle relies on his mighty hop punch to power through his bouts.

In the blue corner, weighing in at 8.5% ABV, Moylan’s Moylander Double IPA. In the Gray corner, weighing in at 9.2% ABV, Moylan’s Hopsickle Imperial IPA.

In order to save you the melodrama that occurred within the fight, we’ll dissect this bout by comparing and contrasting the two beers. The similarities between these two are apparent in certain aspects of their appearance, smell, taste, and mouth feel.

Similarities: Superficially, the two beers both have a hazy façade with amber hues and comparable heads. Their aromas contain heavy malts and pine resin.  The mouth feel parallels, each with medium bodies and light-medium levels of carbonation. Following the nose, both Hopsickle and Moylander contain sticky semi-sweet malt and delicate spice flavors as expected, since the two are comprised of practically the same malt varieties.  You can literally smell those same malts in each beer. This is where the similarities end and the excitement begins…

Iron Moylan sure as heck will draw blood from his brother - he's hop crazy.

Differences: In addition to aromas of sweet malt and pine, Hopsickle’s hoppiness begins to shine through well before it touches the lips with tropical fruit and floral fragrances. While Moylander is more balanced with its higher malt content, Hopsickle is able to provide beautifully placed flavors of citrus and grapefruit that rise above its malt base. Hopsickle’s bitterness is perceptible, but far from outlandish. While these two beers have similar genes, Hopsickle offers more complexity with its separation of malt and hop flavors.  He shines through with glorious waves of hops after each sip.

In continuing with our previous format…ring the damn bell. Hopsickle has advanced and is moving on to face Jaipur in the concluding battle of the ArkansasBeerBlog IPA Beer Brawl.

“War is Hell” – General William T. Sherman

You can find these wonderful IPAs at the following places:

Booze Bros – Eureka Springs
Arka Valley Liquor – Atkins
Ace Liquor Store – Cabot
Colonial Wine & Spirits – Little Rock
Crossover Liquor – Fayetteville
Eastside Liqour – Elkins
Flying Saucer – Little Rock
Macadoodles – Springdale
Marina Liqour – Hot Springs
Pat’s Beverage Shop – North Little Rock
Premier Wine & Spirits – Fayetteville
Spirits Shop – Fayetteville
Springhill Wine & Spirits – North Little Rock
Sullivant’s Liqour – Little Rock
The Bottle – Fayetteville
The Wine Rack – Hot Springs
Town & Country – Fayetteville
In Good Spirits – Fort Smith
Liquor Mart – Fort Smith
Lake Liquor – Maumelle

Springhill Wine & Spirits – North Little Rock
Lake Liquor – Maumelle
Hillcrest Liquor – Little Rock
O’Looney’s – Little Rock
Sullivant’s Liquor – Little Rock
Colonial Wine & Spirits – Little Rock
Westrock Spirits & Wines – Little Rock
The Ridge Wine & Spirits – Little Rock
Flying Saucer – Little Rock
The Wine Rack & Spirits Shoppe – Hot Springs
Crossover Liquor – Fayetteville
Liquor Mart – Fayetteville
Premier Wine & Spirits – Fayetteville
The Bottle – Fayetteville
Macadoodles – Springdale
In Good Spirits – Fort Smith
Liquor Mart – Fort Smith
Shamrock Liquor – Fort Smith
Fianna Village Liquors – Fort Smith


5 thoughts on “Semi Finals: Kinship Conflict

  1. Jason Skerbitz says:

    Yup….. pretty sure I concur with Rex on this one!…… lol. Although I do have to admit that I’ve not tried Jaipur yet, I still can’t imagine some weak-kneed English IPA beating out an AMAZING Hoptimistic to reach the finals. Every other bout has been pretty accurate aside from this one tho, so I’ll guess I’ll have to cut ya’ll some slack….. lol. 😉

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