Beer Review: Brasserie Des Rocs Triple Impériale

Beer Review:  Brasserie des Rocs Triple Impériale
Style: Belgian Strong Dark Ale
Alcohol by Volume: 10%
Characteristics:  A rich and very complex dark triple that happens to be highly drinkable
Ingredients: Pale, Munich, roasted and aromatic malts, Hallertau, Styrian and Brewers Gold hops
Awards: 2006 World Beer Championship – Platinum Medal “Superlative”

Flavorwise, this beer is a rollarcoaster.

Do you have a case of the winter blues?  We’ve got the cure: some Belgian magic in a bottle.  This delicious Belgan Triple is a complex, fruity and tart alternative to the malty and spicy winter lagers out there right now.   Enjoy a bottle of this with some friends and challenge them to pin down some flavors; you will be surprised at what some folks taste!

Let’s pour a glass, I’m getting too thirsty:


Caution: Gigantic Belgian head.  Brasserie des Rocs Triple Impériale pours a wonderful rusty ruby color with a craggy, enormously bubbly head.   As all those bubbles popping, you can start to smell the fruity tart flavors that fill the air.  As you lean in to take healthy whiff, you can pick out some tropical fruits, plums and grapes as well as some tart, slightly vinegary funk – perhaps this bottle has been around a while?  Either way, it’s still great!  After some chatter about different smells pouring out of the beer, one interesting smell came forward: mango salsa.  Yum – let’s see how the beer tastes.  After your first drink, you instantly notice it’s not as carbonated as you’d think after seeing that giant head.  The beer leaves a wonderful slightly sweet and dry finish, making your tongue ask for more.  You will taste your somewhat standard (in some Belgian beers) dark fruits paired with an absolutely superb light bready malt backbone. Some peppery spices linger as well.   In the back you can pick out some more fruit, some of which reminded us of craisins.  The sweetness is not overpowering at all, rather, the flavors are very subtle, balanced, and they seem to effortlessly blend together in a very enjoyable, easy to drink beer.

Warning: avoid wasting beer! Pour carefully! Did I cry after this? NO. Who told you that? He is a LIAR.

This beer is available at:
Colonial Wine and Spirits – Little Rock, AR
The Bottle – Fayetteville, AR
Springhill Wine and Spirits – North Little Rock, AR

It’s important to note: ASK for this beer!  It’s a shame it’s only located in our capital city and ONE place in Fayetteville.  Go ahead – demand you have quality beer!  Your local retailer will be happy to serve you.
We gave this beer 4.5 Diamonds



2 thoughts on “Beer Review: Brasserie Des Rocs Triple Impériale

  1. fred schaffer says:


    1. fortsmithhops says:

      Fred, the adventure of craft beer awaits you! Start small and find a place that sells a “pick 6” deal that allows you to build your own six-pack. At first it’s hard to commit to buying a complete six-pack of a beer just to try it.

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