The New Year’s Eve Beer

Beer Review: Dupont Avec les bons Vœux
Style: Saison / Farmhouse Ale
Alcohol by Volume: 9.5%
Characteristics:  Dupont’s beer for celebrations has everything you’d want while giving cheers – expect fruity complexity, classic Belgian yeast phenols, and a subtle saison funk all rolled into an enticing mouth feel.

Our good friend Ryan Feero wrote this review with collective input from Aaron Mastropaolo on behalf of Fort Smith Hops for Arkansas Beer Blog. Cheers!

In 1970, as a special treat for the loyal beer lovers of Tourpes, Belgium, the historic La Brasserie Dupont farm-based brewery crafted a marvelous saison style beer. Prophetically inscribed upon the bottle a French phase, “Avec les bons Vœux de la brasserie Dupont” greets its recipients with warming best wishes for the New Year. This friendly warmth is carried on through the winter brewing months in order to bring beneficiaries into a bright new summer or harvest. Bons Vœux falls delicately into the reemerging saison/farmhouse ale category with an exceptional 94 score from Beeradvocate. As 2011 comes to an end there is no better way to bring in the new year than with a perfectly poured Bons Vœux. A votre santé!

Let's start the party!

The pour is a cloudy gold and orange blend that yielded a popping 1 and ½ finger head. The fluffy white crown subsided somewhat quickly like the anticipated ball drop at Times square. Beautiful lacing remained, and the initial effervescent nature of the pour slowly diminishes to medium carbonation.

This beautiful beer keeps your brain cranking with complexity... But we all know soon enough your brain will go crazy during New Year's Eve.

The nose brought forth an immediate burst of lemon zest, vanilla, ginger, some wet hay funk and is then followed by a delicate apple pie nuance. At the onset of the pour, the presences of floral and earthy hops were spotted until the head receded. Another whiff brings a beautifully balanced malt medley dancing to an ode to orange! All of these aromas work together in symphony – reminding you of the ever-so-exciting saison style.

A hearty mouthful of Bons Vœux overtakes the senses and seeks to confuse with complex subtleties of citrus fruit, balanced light bready malts, delicate earthy hops, and a peppery finish. The 9.5% alcohol content is a misnomer as you notice how perfectly smooth this beer washes the palate without burning. A lingering apple tart flavor and fruity esters seem to compliment the very restrained herbal phenols in masking any unwanted alcohol harshness.  You will also find more of what you had in the nose as it warms; some wonderful “Dupontish” funk welcomes you with musky hay.  The mouthfeel emerges as light to medium bodied with superb drinkability.  It’s the perfect beer for New Years Eve cheers!

Drinking Dupont’s saison style Bons Vœux is guaranteed to bring best wishes to you and all you share it with.  Available in a 750ML bottle, there is plenty to pour in a few glasses; however, you will be tempted to keep it all to yourself. Hell, there’s always next year for sharing!

Pop ze cap, pour ze beer!

You can find this wonderful beer just in time for New Year’s Eve here:

Colonial Wine & Spirits – Little Rock
Crush Wine Bar – Little Rock
Macaddodle’s – Springdale
The Wine Rack & Spirits Shoppe –  Hot Springs
Hillcrest Liquor and Fine Wines – Little Rock
Lake Liquor – Maumelle
O’Looney’s –  Little Rock
The Bottle – Fayetteville
Flying Saucer – Little Rock

We gave this beer 4.5 Diamonds


6 thoughts on “The New Year’s Eve Beer

  1. Jason Skerbitz says:

    Great review gents!! Sorry I missed out on this one….. lol! Hope we can get it down here in the Fort pretty soon…. sounds wonderful! Keep up the good work, and don’t forget my invite next time eh??….. ;-)~

    1. arbeergeek says:

      There’s a sort of debate about complimenting beer with a cigar or pipe. The smoke affects the nose of the beer and therefore the taste. But then again, it’s all in the eye of the beholder; I know lots of people who enjoy a wonderful strong stout and a good cigar (it’s a very common pair). That being said – I think beer pairs well with anything you enjoy – so I encourage you to try it and let us know! Perhaps a specific tobacco would go better with the fruity esters and barnyard flavors.

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