Happy Valentine’s Day!

Beer + Love = Awesome

The origin of Valentine’s Day is shrouded in mystery. In principal, this is an annual occasion to give thanks to the ones we love. The common misconception is that this day is set aside to shower our lady-friends with candy and gifts. On the contrary, it is estimated that women purchase 85% of all Valentine’s in the United States. Why is this? The simple and most-accepted answer is that women are more thoughtful, as well as more organized.  All true statements, but this statistic only reflects purchased gifts directly related to Valentine’s Day and does not include homemade gift supplies. Notebook paper, markers, cardboard, glitter, white-out, highlighters, and super glue are mysteriously omitted from this measurement.

The point is, ladies, while your man-friend is scrambling around to make you a heartfelt Valentine’s Day gift out of things found around the house, use your thoughtfulness and organization to do something nice for him as well. Buy him a great Craft beer this Valentine’s Day. Trust me, he doesn’t care what kind.  He will greatly appreciate this unselfish and kindhearted gesture. You will never see him brag more to his friends about what he got from his special lady.  Just remember: the super glue might not come off of the kitchen table, and the kids may be bouncing off the walls from a metric ton of chocolate, but this will be a lasting memory of Valentine’s Day 2012.


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