Great ‘Merican Beer

Beer Review – Moylan’s Chelsea Moylan’s Porter
Style – American Porter
ABV – 5%
MSRP: $4 per 22oz Bomber
Drink if you like – Coffee, chocolate, Guinness, good friends , buying American

This is a tasty American beer. GULP ASAP.

This week we are reviewing a great brewery located in Novato, California, USA.  I mention the location, because a large majority of the craft beers you see are all American-owned and American-made.  You can’t say that about many things anymore!  Sometimes I rib my drinking buddies when they are enjoying a seemingly American beer – Bud Light or Miller Lite.  While brewed in America (that counts for something ) the companies that make the beer – and keep the profits –  are foreign.  AB-Inbev owns Budweiser and is based in Belgium.  SAB Miller owns Miller (SAB stand for South African Brewing) and has recently moved it operations to the United Kingdom.   ArkansasBeerBlog is asking you to give us hard working American’s a chance – and buy a local beer.  Chelsea Moylan’s Porter is a perfect choice – it’s extremely approachable, very tasty, and 100% American.   It is the perfect replacement for a popular foreign beer: Guinness .

Let’s dive in and take a sip!

In case you are wondering - yes, we do beer photo shoots, complete with runway. FAAABULOUS!

Chelsea Moylan’s Porter pours an intriguing dark ruby brown color – seemingly black when not held up to the light.  A decent coca-cola colored heads sits on top of the beer proudly.   Bring the beer close to your nose to take a slow whiff and enjoy the espresso roast, toffee and dark chocolate.   If done just right, your mouth will be watering.  In our experience, the best way to take your first sip of this beer is to repeat your initial sniff then take a big, long, slow gulp.  You’ll find a delicious dry roast front and center with this gulper.  Dark chocolate balances the coffee note, giving it a lip smacking finish.   As it warms you will pick out some earthy hops playing as referee in the beer.

Help us embrace our American Craft Beer history. When purchasing these American-made creations, you’re also supporting over 100,000 American jobs and 1,700 American breweries. Let’s toast to our hardworking brothers and sisters in this industry for reducing our dependence on imported products and for contributing to balanced trade.

A bald eagle just landed on my shoulder.

You can find this beer at TWO locations in Arkansas:
Liquor World – Fayetteville
Premier Wine & Spirits – Fayetteville

….. Which is a SHAME!  At $4 bucks per bomber – this is a great American deal!  Please – ask your local beer store for Chelsea Moylan’s Porter!

We gave this beer 3.5 Diamonds.


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