Arkansas Beer Blog’s Awesome Beer Giveaway!

Arkansas Beer Blog’s Awesome Beer Giveaway!
Do you love beer? Do you live in Arkansas? Then you can enter to win some of Arkansas’ BEST available beers!

Behold: Beervana!

We were talking about how exciting it is to receive beer as a gift the other day, and we decided we liked it so much, we’d give one of our readers some of our favorite beer!  So after a quick shopping spree across Arkansas, we gathered up ten of our favorite beers – and now we want to give them to YOU!

What do you have to do? Simple:

1) Go to ArkansasBeerBlog’s facebook page and click “Like”

Bam! That’s it! But wait – there’s more! You can enter more than once – Here’s a second way to enter:

2) SHARE the ArkansasBeerBlog Awesome Beer Giveaway facebook post on your wall

AAAAAND you have just doubled your odds of winning!

The beers featured in the giveaway are:

Rules: One 10-pack of beer prize will be given away to one winner randomly drawn on March 17th 2012. Only two entries allowed per person. Entrant must be 21 years or older.  If you have already “liked” the ArkansasBeerBlog facebook page, you have already entered!  Isn’t that cool?  Giveaway only valid for Arkansas residents.


15 thoughts on “Arkansas Beer Blog’s Awesome Beer Giveaway!

  1. Rex says:

    What about us backwoods hicks who think Facebook is the debbil, and don’t have an account or ever intend to?

    There’s got to be another way, right? C’mon maaaaaane!

  2. alm says:

    Dunno if you can fix it on the Facebook shares but there’s a typo in this post’s title: should be “Arkansas,” you have “Arkanasas”

  3. Kirstie says:

    I think I should win; my birthday is on the 17th! 🙂 What would be a better St. Pat’s birthday gift than free beer?

  4. Jason Skerbitz says:

    What an awesome contest!! What can be better on St. Patty’s Day than FREE BEER?!? WOO HOO!! Pick me! Pick me!…… lol. My birthday is on the 17th too…. just not in March…. lol…. it’s in June. I’ve tried about half of these beers and thought they were all great…. I need to try the rest…. for FREE, of course!….. ;-)~ Keep up the good work guys….. way to keep things “fresh”!

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