Beer Review: Ryan Sullivan’s Imperial Stout

Beer Review: Moylan’s Ryan Sullivan’s Imperial Stout
Drink if you like: chocolate, espresso, strong beers, the star wars soundtrack.
ABV: 10%
65 IBUs
Malt Bill: American 2-row, Crystal, Munich, Special B, Roasted, Brown, Chocolate, Black, Acidulated
MSRP: $5.55

For some reason I can't get the star wars imperial march out of my head.
Dummmm, Dummm, Dummmm, Dummm Deee Dummmmm

Moylan’s give us Arkansans plenty of wonderful beers, including our IPA Battle winner Hopsickle Imperial Ale. They also make one heck of a great stout: Chelsea Moylan’s Porter….if you haven’t asked your beer store order some yet, you are really missing out. Let’s see how they do with an imperial stout. Normally, Imperial and Double mean the same thing – it’s around twice the ingredients and could be twice the ABV. That’s an extremely loose rule of thumb though. Enough beer geek talk, let’s crack this one open!

The beer pours beautifully; it’s thick and dark as night. A chunky three finger head appeared before us – quite impressive. When you lean in for a smell, you will pick up some standard stout aromas: milk chocolate, vanilla, cocoa, fudge and some faint, delicate earthy hops. You can’t tell this beer is 65 IBUs – a very large amount of hops – from just the smell. Let’s get to the all important taste; this beer has a few big flavors popping out: tons of chocolate, very slight coffee, and herbal and earthy hops. It has a big bitter kick in the back; one that reminds you of a French Roast.

What do you see in this beautiful lacing? A ghost face? Your future? Another reason to take a sip of beer?

Moylan’s will continue to brew some great beer – and we should not take this for advantage. If you are looking for a new stout to try – this one would be a good purchase.  Just remember, while handling the force (dark side or not)- drink or do not drink, there is no try.  OK, I’ll admit, I’m a bigger beer geek than a Star Wars geek.

You can find this beer at the following locations:
Colonial Wines & SpiritsLittle Rock
Liquor Mart & Wine Shoppe – Fayetteville
Premier Wine & Spirits – Fayetteville

We gave this beer 3.5 diamonds.


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