Beer Review: Joseph James Fox Tail Gluten Free Ale

Beer Review:  Joseph James Fox Tail Gluten Free Ale
Drink if you like: Things without gluten, lemon drops, drinking cold beer on a hot day
ABV: 5%
Style: American Pale Ale
MSRP: $8.65 for a six pack

Gluten? No problem here!

Are you sensitive to gluten?  Do you have Coeliac disease?  If you do – why are you reading a beer blog?!  Perhaps you endure pain for the simple pleasure most of us take for granted  – easily drinking and digesting craft beer…. Or maybe your buddy can’t drink beer – on account of that gluten – and he’s always the odd man out.  Well, not anymore my friend, we have gluten free beer in Arkansas!  The folks at Joseph James have made a gluten free beer with something most beer geeks enjoy – hops.  Here is the brewer’s description:

Fox Tail – A gluten free pale that has citrus notes and is light bodied. You will find no sorghum in this beer, but rather organic rices, nectars, and north American hops. This brew is 5% ABV and 50 IBU’s.

…I’d say that’s a great option to have!  50 IBUs is a pretty hefty amount of hop bitterness, which gets my blood flowing.  Let’s drink:

After reading that wikipedia article on Coeliac disease, every beer tastes just a little better. Don't take beer for granted!

After the initial pour, the head quickly dissipates completely.  The beer appears crystal clear with a very light color, and with the lack of head, it resembles a chardonnay. The nose appears to showcase some hops, with hints of lemon.  After a few gulps, you’ll notice a bitter bite from hops, built on top of a body so light, you may forget you are sipping on a beer.  Very faint tart apple sweetness appears as well.  It’s amazingly crisp; with the lemony hop bit hitting you in the front and a dry and extremely light back; it should make a good hot weather session beer.   This is a great choice for anyone who can’t drink beer do to sensitivity to gluten – you should buy that friend a six back and be a hero!  Or enjoy one yourself, and not worry about that pesky symptoms of Coeliac disease – which don’t seem very fun!

You can find this beer at the following locations:

Colonial Wines & Spirits – Little Rock
Tri Lakes Spirits – Hot Springs
Crossover Liquor – Fayetteville
Pop-A-Top University – Little Rock
In Good Spirits – Fort Smith
Liquor Mart & Wine Shoppe – Fayetteville
Lake Liquor – Maumelle
71 South Liquor – Fort Smith
MacADoodles – Springdale
Liquor Mart – Fort Smith
Shaker Beverage Shoppe – Harrison
Shamrock Liquor – Fort Smith
East Liquor – Elkins
Premier Wine & Spirits – Fayetteville
Ozark Natural Foods – Fayetteville
Big Orange – Little Rock
Weddington Liquor – Fayetteville

We gave this beer 2.5 diamonds


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