Awesome Beer Giveaway Winner: Kasey Loman

Arkansas Beer Blog would like to congratulate our Awesome Beer Giveaway winner Kasey Loman.  As it turns out, Kasey is a very cool person.  Did we mention she loves beer?   The art director from Fayetteville is a great example of a craft beer drinker in Arkansas:  She is an avid home brewer.  She enjoys beer-friendly establishments in our great state.  She enjoys reading Arkansas Beer Blog…. What else is there to know?!  Check out the interview and get to know a fellow Arkansas craft beer geek:

[Arkansas Beer Blog / ABB] – When did you start drinking craft beer?
[Kasey Loman / KM] – I was in Kansas City for a concert, stopped into a bar before the show that was serving a lot of Boulevard Beers on tap. I was barely 21 and knew I liked Guinness, the bartender suggested their stout, and I was in love.

[ABB] – Was there a specific beer that served as a “light bulb” moment; that beer can taste different than bud/miller/coors? 
[KM] – I suppose Boulevard Stout for me, but when I was younger my dad let me try a can of ale, not sure what kind it was, it had a duck on the bottle, and I had no idea what was different from ale to the yellow fizzy stuff, but the flavor of that brew stood out to me and I never forgot. I loved it!

[ABB] – What’s your favorite craft beer to drink?
[KM] – My go to beer is Avery IPA or White Rascal

[ABB] – What craft beer are you interested in? 
[KM] – All kinds, I am really into Belgian beers especially the sour variety. Also big american IPAs

[ABB] – What do you think about the craft beer scene in Arkansas, and where do you see it going? 
[KM] – It seems to be getting better and better! I can see Fayetteville turning into a place with a lot of brewpubs around, there is  a passion for beer here. Distribution is getting better too, I keep seeing more belgians available and a growing selection of canned craft brews which is really exciting.

[ABB] – Where are some of your favorite places to drink craft beer in Arkansas? 
[KM] – Tanglewood is absolutely the best. Great selection of brews, great food and soon to have their own beers on tap! I also dig West Mountian, Brewskis and Smoke and Barrel

[ABB] – What hobbies do you enjoy?
[KM] – I have been home brewing for five years now and just recently brewed my 100th batch of beer. I also love hiking, bicycle riding and floating.

[ABB] – How often do you shop for craft beer, and where do you shop? 
[KM] – We have four home brew taps at the house which is most of the beer consumption, but I find myself running to the store once a week for a special treat. I usually hit up The Bottle, Liquor World, Dickson Street Liquor.

[ABB] – Do your friends enjoy craft beer?
[KM] – Most of my friends really dig craft beer. I feel like I have helped convert some of them to the craft beer side from serving them home brew my partner and I have made. I definitely have some beer geek friends.

[ABB] – If you had any advice to someone who wants to explore the world of craft beer in Arkansas, what would that be? 
[KM] – Go to Brewskis, West Mountain, and Tanglewood and try a lot of brews!

Thanks again to Kasey – Cheers!


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