Beer Pong 101

Let's set aside our differences and just have some good ol' fashion fun, eh dude?

If you are 30 years of age or younger, chances are you’ve heard of beer pong. And you may be asking yourself “Why the heck are the Arkansas Beer Blog guys writing about such a thing?! This is crazy.” Well, you are correct, sir. This is crazy. Crazy like a fox.
We write about beer – good beer – but we also write about the social and cultural issues that surround the world’s greatest beverage. We know a few fellow beer geeks who claim beer pong have given beer a bad name, but we will disagree. This isn’t about good beer versus bad beer, craftsmanship versus commodity, or even proper drinking vessels versus paper drinking cups. This is about fun. Drinking beer isn’t always serious, ya know. Beer geeks pride themselves in non-snobbery…. And what better way to prove that than enjoying a game of BEER PONG. So now, fellow beer drinker, let us analyze what many agree is the world’s greatest drinking game. Throw me a beer dude!

Chapter 1: Proper Drinking Beer
What’s that? Should you be concerned with what type of beer you should be using for this drinking game? Yes. Go ahead and drop $50 bucks on some dry-hopped-barrel-aged barley wine and watch yourself hit the floor after one game. You need to choose a light, easy drinking affordable beer. You don’t want to cry over spilled beer. You want to be able to drink this beer quickly. Lucky for us in Arkansas, there is a beer made exactly for this game: Pong Lite. It’s cheap, it’s easily drinkable, and best of all: it comes with freakin’ beer pong balls. Otherwise known as ping pong balls – unless it’s from a case of the official beer of beer pong !


Chapter 2: Equipment
So you already have a case of Pong Lite – you have beer and beer pong balls. The next piece of equipment won’t set your back much further: red solo cups. Get a nice package of these, and all you need now is a table. What kind of table works? Ping pong table – yup. Dinner table – yup. Coffee table – yup. Super light aluminum beer-themed compact tail gating beer pong table – yup.

How to score: BAM! First attempt.

Chapter 3: Rules
There are various rules in this game, which may differ according to geographic region, players, demographics, and money odds. Here are a few rules that will most likely stay the same:
1) Arrange red solo cups in a pyramid at opposing ends of the table
2) Fill red solo cups with beer – somewhere around a quarter full
3) Attempt to throw beer pong ball / ping pong ball into one of the opposing red solo cups
4) If your ball lands in the cup, your opponent has to drink the beer that is in that specific cup
5) You win by landing your ball in all of your opponents cups

Chapter 4: Etiquette
Who are we kidding?

The lessons will continue in later posts…. Remember, class: don’t take this subject too seriously. Beer is good – respect beer. But remember – you can have fun with cheap beer, too. Don’t be a high class snob!  Surprise your friends with some beer pong at your next tailgate party – we guarantee it will get the party going.


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