Triple-Digit-Temperature Beer Guide

IT…IS…HOT, and these triple-digit temperatures have a way of sucking the fun out of the summer. We’re here to tell you that even though your grass is dead and your energy bills have skyrocketed, it doesn’t mean the fun is over.

We came up with the following list to ensure the rest of your summer is a success, no matter how high the temperatures get:

Warning: Drinking Stiegl may create a multi-gender biking situation.

DO – open a few ice-cold bottles of Stiegl Radler. This thirst-quenching shandy comes in three flavors and is a perfect match for the summer heat.

DON’T – shotgun a bottle of Russian Imperial Stout on the #5 tee box. We’ve seen it. Outcome is less-than-desirable.

DO – seek out Thornbridge Jaipur. This citrus-dominated, herbaceous English IPA is smooth and refreshing as well as light on the tongue. Jaipur pairs well with water balloon fights.

DON’T – exert any more energy than is absolutely necessary. This goes for pretty much any and all activities and projects. Your body is a temple and temples rarely reposition.

DO – grab a six-pack of Sudwerk Helles Lager and run through the sprinkler. A much more enjoyable alternative to the boring macrobrews.

DON’T – assume that Slip ‘N Slides are as fun as they were when you were a kid. You don’t have to listen to us, but we’re so right on this one. So, so right.

DO – buy a mini-keg of Stiegl Pils, stick it in a small trash can filled with ice, and sit on the front porch without your shirt on. This is legal in all counties of Arkansas, provided that you own said porch, and provided you are a male. We won’t turn anyone in for this, regardless of gender.



4 thoughts on “Triple-Digit-Temperature Beer Guide

  1. Rex says:

    I have founf that chilling down my favorite IPA to sub-40 and using a pint-sleeve makes IPAs the ideal summer drink.


  2. Jason Skerbitz says:

    Had the pleasure of implementing the above advice last nite down at Papa’s Pizza on Garrison Ave. in the Fort. Got to hang out and chill (in the nice A/C, of course) with the folks from Mustang Brewing Company (out of OKC) as we tossed back a few of their lovely Washita Wheat brews….. good times! ;-)~

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