Fest of Ale – August 17th

Now that we have all recovered from Grapes Grains and Growls, a popular beer and wine festival in Little Rock, we can shift our attention to an extremely fun beer festival in the River Valley!  Fest of Ale was a smash hit last year, and looks to be even more fun this year.  The two guys who run this blog attended the festival last year and can sternly say this festival is beer geek approved.  In fact, at the risk of sounding like a wimp here, the beer pours were TOO BIG. Like, at some points, 6 oz pours.  You may be saying “WHAT?!?  IMPOSSIBLE!!”  But hey, I’m telling ya, if you want to taste all the beer at Fest of Ale, you need smaller pours. Otherwise you may purchase the bridge on downtown Garrison Avenue – leading to Oklahoma.  Your drunken logic of setting up a tollbooth will crumble when you wake up the next morning.  Try explaining that $500 dollar “bargain of a lifetime” to your wife.


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