Craft Beer from Ozark Kinfolk

Beer Review: Piney River McKinney Eddy Amber
Style: American Amber
ABV: 5.25%

MSRP: $7.64 / 4 pack of pint cans
Drink if you like: caramel, bread, natural waterways, kinfolk.

Attempting the 4th grade can-tilt-trick is not recommended while canoeing.

Piney River Brewing is the new kid in town, but we highly doubt they will have any trouble making new friends.  They’re good people from the Ozarks and located near the Big Piney. Now, if you’re thinking this is your kinfolk from around here in Arkansas, you’re are sadly wrong. But don’t fret- more than likely you are STILL related to these good Ozarkian people!  They are just across the state line in Missouri and they’re named after the Big Piney River- a big fancy step up from our own Big Piney Creek. But I’ve saved the best for last: our fellow Ozark kinfolk make damn good beer.

The equation is there; Ozark nature + a river + beer. Let’s all give our neighbors just up yonder an Arkansas welcome by drinking their beer and reminding them how awesome the SEC is, shall we?  We will start with their McKinney Eddy Amber Ale. Don’t be fooled – this is not one of those fake craft beers pumped out en masse by macrobreweries. This, my friends, is a bona fide and well-crafted amber ale that shows off a wonderful malt mix.

How’d that anvil get on a stump in the middle of the Big Piney River? That’s crazy….crazy like a fox.

McKinney Eddy Amber is packaged in an beautifully-designed pint can. The design represents McKinney Eddy on the Big Piney River. This location was home to the brewer’s friend and master blacksmith, Charlie McKinney. Let’s open it up:

This beer pours a hazy amber color with a very suitable, off-white head. This is what a true Amber Ale should look like. McKinney Eddy Amber leaves behind great lacing as it slowly exits the vessel. The aroma is very light up front. After letting this beer warm up a little, the onslaught of sweet malt, caramel, faint fruit, and light earthy floral notes are present in the nose. What wonderful hospitality from the Show-Me State. The fun doesn’t stop there. After taking a drink, you’ll quickly notice that the force of malt base rivals that of the anvil printed on the can, and in such a great way. Sweet malts take the main stage followed by caramel, chocolate, and bread. Soft earthy hops round these flavors out to make a very well-balanced and enjoyable beer.

A big thanks to our close northern brethren.  McKinney Eddy Amber has serious staying power in our state. A great representation of the American Amber Ale Style, Ozark culture, and waterway friendly packaging. Grab a 4-pack for your next canoe trip, hike, picnic, tailgate party or any other justifiable event.

You can find this great beer at the following locations:

Colonial Wines & Spirits – Little Rock
Celebrations Fine Wine – Arkadelphia
PopATop on University – Little Rock
Liquor Mart & Wine Shoppe – Fayetteville
Lake Liquor – Maumelle
Hillcrest Liquor and Fine Wines – Little Rock
Macadoodles – Springdale
Flying Saucer – Little Rock
Liquor World – Fayetteville
Springhill Wine & Spirits – North Little Rock
Liquor Outpost – Harrison
O’Looney’s – Little Rock
Marina Liquor – Hot Springs
Ozark Natural Foods – Fayetteville
Big Orange – Little Rock
Jack’s Package Store – Mountain Home
Ace Liquor Store – Cabot
Oscar’s Liquor – North Little Rock
Sullivant’s Liquor – Little Rock
65 Bypass Liquor – Harrison

If your local beer store isn’t carrying this, do us all a favor and ask for it, yall.

We gave this beer 4 diamonds:



3 thoughts on “Craft Beer from Ozark Kinfolk

  1. Rex says:

    I picked up a 4pak of their Missouri Mule IPA at Macadoodle’s in Jane, MO last week.

    It is all gone, and it was excellent. Reminiscent of Big Sky IPA. High paise indeed, I know, but it is a fine IPA.

  2. Jason Skerbitz says:

    Sweet! Gonna have to hunt some of this down and then get some folks (u know who u are) to get it down here in the Fort. ;-)~

  3. Michael Neumann (@xbadcrcx) says:

    Their IPA is incredible. I had it at Grapes, Grains & Growls but it’s not available in AR just yet. Something about needing to have the ABV on the can because it was over 6.3%. As soon as it hits the counters here, I’m going to have to stock up. Heck, I might make a trip north just to get some.

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