Reminder – Beerathon This Friday!

Just a reminder for you awesome beer geeks out there:  Fest of Ale is still scheduled to wet your whistle this Friday.  And by wet your whistle, we mean drink a lot of beer.  Hopefully not enough to Indian leg wrestle with a 65 year old women’s weight lifting champion – like Josh did last year.  He lost, by the way.  And hopefully not enough to invest in the next wave of “infotainment technology” like Jonas did last year.  It was, a website that gave you sudden up to date corn prices all over America….especially at odd hours in the early morning.  He’s still bitter so don’t mention that.
Speaking of, the operators of this blog will both be at this party!  Stop by and say hello to Josh (he will give you a firm handshake) and Jonas (he will give you a high five that makes your hand bleed) and talk beer.  We may be walking around, hanging out or helping pour some of the better beer like Saison Dupont and Uerige Doppelsticke.  If you find us and say you are a reader of ArkansasBeerBlog, we will hook you up!


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