A Guide to Flavor Awesomeness

When you are a known beer geek, you always get asked the same few questions.  One is “Please stop talking about beer so much, jeezzz.”  Another is “What kind of beer would I like?” or “What’s a good beer to drink?”  I’ll quietly ignore the former question, while answering the latter.

The standard answer, from a good respectable beer geek, would be “It depends.”   Yes, I know, that’s not an answer people want; but it’s a correct way of getting to the right answer.  Some beer geeks may answer the question with their end-all favorite beer.  This is a no-no.  Just because YOU like something doesn’t mean everyone else will like something.  And odds are, if you’ve been drinking beer for as long as we have, you’ll have a really intense and odd favorite beer….that most folks may not like.

Rather, answer the question with a question: “What flavors do you like?”  This is a very effective methodology when it comes to recommending beer, made popular by the book The Naked Pint.

Do you like chocolate?  How about sweet and sour?  The brewers of the world have a beer for you.  Do you enjoy bitter pine flavors?  Do you enjoy oaky, earthy flavors?  We have you covered.  Do you enjoy something light and inoffensive, yet amazingly delicious?  There is an answer!

We decided to design a poster that would hopefully answer this question.  It can be a finical risk to try a beer and have no idea what flavors await you.  Perhaps you are wanting to expand your horizons, but you aren’t sure where to go.  We hope this poster will help you find a new favorite beer.

Feel free to download the poster!  But please, do us a big favor – ask your local beer retailor to request this poster from Glidewell Distributing.  We make NO MONEY off this poster.  We just want everyone in Arkansas to start drinking craft beer…. And maybe…. Just maybe…. This poster will help.   Let us know what you think!

CLICK HERE to download the poster. 


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