Witkap Pater: A Tasty Belgian Session Beer

Beer Review: Witkap Pater Singel
Style: Belgian Pale Ale
ABV: 6%
Drink if you like: Orange slices, bread, history, balanced diets, and hoodies.

The Belgian head on this beer is very....Belgian.
The Belgian head on this beer is very….Belgian.

Sure, we could lead off with the bad jokes, beerisms, and flavor profiles, but sometimes we like to add a little education to our articles. Sometimes, you need to finish your vegetables before you have your ice cream. In the spirit of education, allow me to begin this article with a brief history lesson. Trust me, it’s good for you and will make you strong:

For the past 150 years, the family-owned Slaghmuylder Brewery has withstood the test of time. Operating in a Belgian town that once boasted thirty breweries, Slaghmuylder now stands alone. Resting on the grounds of the original Abbey of Ninove, Slaghmuylder is the only layman’s brewery to be permitted to carry the “Trappistenbier” designation on the label. This title is also referenced in name, Witkap, which is a white hood worn by monks, and referenced again with the logo on the bottle.

Present time, three descendant cousins of the founder, Emmanuel Slaghmuylder oversee operations in Denterhoutembaan Belgium. The brewery has stuck to its guns and is known as one of the last breweries in Belgium to use whole flower hops in the brewing process.

There! You finished your veggies. You can have ice cream now…or as we like to call Witkap Pater Singel:

Always share beer with friends.  Or just pour yourself two glasses.  Either way, you seem friendly and polite.
Always share beer with friends. Or just pour yourself two glasses. Either way, you seem friendly and polite.

Witkap Pater Singel is a Belgian Pale Ale and is the lightest of the Slaghmuylder family of beers. Pater Singel pours a clear pale yellow body with a lot of carbonation and a dense and Belgian-esque, bright-white head.  The aroma is subdued but pleasant with foreseeable hints of doughy bread and great additions of citrus and spice. The taste is very light, fruity, and well-balanced. Belgian yeast, grass, and spice follow suit with a slight hop bitterness. This beer is very light on the palate. Thin and refreshing. A great “light” beer with much better mechanics than your typical domestic. It’s from Belgium for monk’s sake!

This is a great session beer…meaning… grab more than one bottle, put on your hoodie, have a seat, and enjoy.

You can find this beer at these fine locations:

Colonial Wines & Spirits – Little Rock

The Bottle – Fayetteville

Ozark Natural Foods – Fayetteville

We gave this beer 4 Diamonds:


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