Green Flash Coming to Arkansas!

We have a wonderful beer announcement!  Green Flash Brewing Company is coming to Arkansas!


We are proud to announce the this amazing beer company will now be selling beer in our wonderful State!  For those who have not heard of Green Flash, they can be summed up with some simple words: “West Coast,” “Hoppy” and “Awesome Beer!”

One of their flagship beer, West Coast IPA, recieved a perfect 100 score from the Beer Advocate Alstrom Brothers, and is known throughout the country as one of the best classic “West Coast” IPAs you can buy.

While Green Flash comes out with really amazing limited special beers, they crank out high quality and AWESOME four packs all day long.

Let’s get ready to welcome this wonderful brewery to our state!  As soon as you see some Green Flash on the store shelf – you better grab it fast!  And save some of their Double Stout for me!


7 thoughts on “Green Flash Coming to Arkansas!

  1. Rex says:

    Christmas just came early. I’ll never be without their West Coast IPA and Imperial IPA…two great ones!

    Please keep us posted on the when and where dates!

    1. arbeergeek says:

      You got it Rex! We knew you’d be excited. They will have the following beers for the initial release:
      • West Coast IPA
      • Hop Head Red
      • Double Stout
      • Imperial IPA
      • Trippel
      • Le Freak

      High Fives For Everyone!

  2. Jason Skerbitz says:

    Not really familiar with them…. yet, but you guys have yet to steer us wrong. Will def. be looking for them, and will share this on my 3 FB pages….. WOO HOO!! 😉

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