Christmas Wish List #2

Want to really surprise your beer-loving counterpart for Christmas?  Give them a tribute to ancient fermentation with the world’s oldest fermented beverage: Mead; beer’s father from long ago.  Bask in the glory of awesome gift giving as that special person tastes something truly unique and historical.

Dansk Mjød Viking Blod
ABV: 19%
Style: Mead

After spending his early life traveling aboard longships and raiding North Atlantic islands, Gøttrik grew tired of the Viking grind and opted for an opportunity in the new world. Now four years removed from his life at sea, Gøttrik found himself with a successful book-keeping career for a mid-sized accounting firm. While he excelled at his job duties, sadly, Gøttrik was not able to gain full acceptance from his coworkers.

dansk-mjod-viking-blodStanding in a dimly-lit corner of the seasonally-decorated office building, Gøttrik the Norse Accountant was attending his fourth company Christmas party in as many years. Just as all the parties before, Gøttrik sat in silence as he watched the others flutter around, spouses in tow, drinking their domestic beer and boxed wine, and making small-talk about subjects unimportant. His attempts to involve himself in the conversation were unfruitful, much to the blame of his armament, a large, unsightly, battle-scarred axe he carried at his side. Gøttrik, wearing a woolen overtunic, leg wrappings, leather boots, and horned combat helmet was never informed there would be a tacky sweater contest with prizes awarded. His haggis dish had nary a spoonful removed. Yet, the most painful part of Gøttrik’s evening occurred when his Dirty Santa gift, an unassuming, ceramic bottle of Mead, was left on the table as the party ended. Gøttrik reflected on the night’s events. His bushy face winced as his blood began to boil. His Norwegian roots were beginning to surface for the first time in four years as he raised his axe and let out a scream “ODIN!!”.

A sad tale, indeed, but it is our hope that this story raises awareness of a very similar issue. The issue of Mead. Mead is a fermented honey wine that dates back to 7000 BC. Much like Gøttrik, Mead has a hard time finding a secure place in today’s society. We aim to change that.

Introducing Viking Blod.

Historically accurate photo of Gøttrik Ginsburger, the ancient accountant who discovered that drinking mead is cool.

Viking Blod, at 19% ABV, is described as Nordic honey wine with hibiscus and hops added. Brewed from a recipe that dates back from the year 1700, Viking Blod is fantastic creation. The dark ceramic bottle definitely adds to the experience.

Viking Blod pours a deep golden color with no head, which is expected since this style has no carbonation. Aromas of flowers and honey sweetness are present. The first sip is a shock to the taste buds in a very good way. The sweetness is short-lived as other flavors take over. The taste is very complex with hints of floral and herbal notes along with honey, pepper, caramel, and hibiscus. The alcohol is warming but, surprisingly, not overly apparent. The mouthfeel is oily and full. What a wonderful deviation from the norm from the world’s oldest fermented beverage. This Mead can also be served warm as a winter warmer. A perfect addition to the Christmas drink list.

We ask that you open your heart and your mind and offer acceptance to Viking Blod, as the beautifully concocted beverage it is. Gøttrik would be proud.


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