Retail Review: Judicious Spirits

Judicious Spirits – Mountain Home, Arkansas

Heading to the White River or surrounding areas to slay trout?  Don't forget to drink craft beer too!
Heading to the White River or surrounding areas to slay trout? Don’t forget to drink craft beer too!

A few weeks ago, your friendly ABB bloggers headed north with some friends for a trout fishing weekend. Several miles from our destination, we found ourselves on the outskirts of the picturesque Mountain Home, Arkansas. Our eyes affixed on the winding roads and our ears consenting to the genius lyrics of Tom Waits. We had no intention of slowing down until we reached the trout waters, yet as we topped a hill we noticed a glorious oasis in the distance. The truck instinctively slowed, blinker engaged, and we pulled into an attractive and modern rocked building with an enticing sign that read “Judicious Spirits”. We are, admittedly, suckers for beer stores. Even though our vehicle was stuffed to the gills with beer (strike the aforementioned statement if this interferes with state law) we had to take this opportunity to investigate.

We walked inside and were instantly greeted by the owner, Eve, and her associate Katherine. We were floored at the layout of this liquor store. Copious amounts of wine, liquor, and beer lined the organized aisles. We were asked if this was our first trip, at which we answered “yes”. We were given a tour of the facility as well as a crash course of their website and facebook page on their accessible computer kiosk (very handy for looking up beer ratings!). Katherine pointed us in the direction of the beer and away we went. A top notch craft beer selection awaited; and it was laid out in alphabetical order, no less. To our left, a self-contained section named “Brew Bayou,” a 28 degree beer cave. To our right, “The Grotto,” a 45 degree wine cave. We were in heaven. As we shopped around, we inquired more about their business. After further discussion, we found that these ladies had recently started the aptly named Brew Belles Beer Club for Women. This club was designed to introduce women to the world of craft beer through education, discussion, as well as tastings and pairing information. They organize tasting events on a monthly basis. Men are allowed to attend, but only if they wear a dress, which actually sounds like a small price to pay.

We ended up buying some more beer and made some new friends in the beer business. We would like to raise our glasses to these wonderful women for providing Arkansans and out-of-state residents alike with an exciting selection of craft beer as well as their promotion of craft beer education. We encourage you to stop by Judicious Spirits and tell them Arkansas Beer Blog sent you. Also, check out their website and Facebook accounts for valuable information on the world of craft beer.

Oh, and we finally made it to the trout cabin. We drank big beers, caught big fish, and ate an entire cow.  Stuffed with cheese.  And a roasted pig.  It was a good weekend.

We gave this retail establishment 4 diamonds.


5 thoughts on “Retail Review: Judicious Spirits

  1. Adrienne Shaunfield says:

    We would love to talk to you about the second annual Fayetteville Foam Fest coming up in May! Bigger and better than ever! Adrienne

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