International Beer Day – The American Way!

Beer Review – Green Flash Imperial IPA
Style: American Imperial IPA
ABV: 9.4%
Drink if you like:  Hops on top of hops, an intense yet magic bitter feeling, the west coast.

This man was an AMAZING president!

Recently it was International Beer Day.  Raise a glass of beer to help celebrate America’s first correction to an experiment-gone-wrong: prohibition.  On this day, year 1933, we made beer legal again.  That’s worth celebrating!

Your local Arkansas Beer Geek bloggers will be drinking a beer or two in honor of FDR, and one of the beers on our list is Green Flash Imperial IPA.  We are having a “big-boy only” beer rule – and this is the brand new big boy IPA of Arkansas.  Green Flash brews some amazingly crafted beers – and their specialty is HOPS.  So just imagine when they wanted to brew an imperial / double American west-coast style IPA; they made a hop explosion.  If Michael Bay was the director of an excessively hopped beer – this hop action movie would be his choice.

Let’s blow this beer up!

shout out to for the photo
shout out to for the photo

Green Flash Imperial IPA pours an intriguing golden yellow with orange highlights.  It has a solid, thick and inviting head.  You could smell the hop blast as soon as you popped the cap.  You’ll find big orange-like citrus notes, fresh pine needle, that skunky cannabis aroma you smelled that one time in college, grapefruit and some sweet floral notes.   Time for flavor detonation.  A very slight alcohol burns coats your tongue as you feel the bitter awesomeness.  Huge notes of  PINE – BOOM.  Grapefruit – KABLOW. PUNGENT HOP BITTERNESS ALL OVER – KABREECHHHHHAAAWWHHHHH!  There is a slight biscuit backbone to this beer, but in true west coast style, don’t expect to notice it.  This is a hop showcase – balance will not stand in the way.

This is a great beer to celebrate a true American beer innovation: the Imperial IPA.  We own hop bombs like we own the great majority of the world’s military might.  Strong, excessive, and awesome.

Ask your local beer merchants for this beer – if they don’t have it, they may be communists.

We gave this beer 4.5 Diamonds.



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