Craft beer week is here!

Attention Fellow Craft Beer Geeks

Behold:  a full week dedicated to craft beer.

If you have been waiting for a reason to buy that bomber of craft beer at your local liquor store, now you have a reason.  For it’s AMERICAN CRAFT BEER WEEK my friend!  What is this splendid week of bliss, you say?  It’s a celebration of the very emotion, the very skill, the very art and the very brotherhood that is craft beer.

The following video mentions the success story that is craft beer; that craft beer is about American grit, creative ability and hard work, that it’s a success story; and result of hard working Americans.

This is what we celebrate when we toast craft beer.  We cheer for independent American spirit.  We support American ingenuity.  We imbibe the amazing labor and talent of fellow Americans…rather than a mega corporation that brews up cheap beer for the profit of foreign CEOs.

Let’s toast to that!  If you are searching for a beer to drink this week – just scroll down and pick one out ftom our blog!’s American Craft Beer Week from Brewers Association on Vimeo.


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