Imperial Pilsners – on your six!

Beer Review: Sudwerk Signature Series Imperial Pilsner

Style: Imperial Pilsner


Drink if you like: Freshly mown grass, air conditioning, swimming pools, movie stars.

Summer is officially upon us…like a ____ on a ____ (make up your own simile). I received a harsh reminder of this heat wave last weekend when I fired up the lawn mower. As the sun beamed down on my alabaster neck, my OCD yard compulsion quickly turned into “just get it over with”. I finished up just before delirium and blurred vision set in. I retired my trusty, grass-sculpting apparatus to the shed and staggered inside to the air conditioning. I began to open the freezer to lay my head on one of the shelves…then I remembered…1. Last time I did that, I received permanent ear lobe damage. 2. I had a special surprise waiting for me in the refrigerator. I quickly opened the door and there she was, as stunning bottle of cure-all for hot summer days…Sudwerk Signature Series Imperial Pilsner. A perfect companion as I proudly look out on my freshly-manicured lawn in reflection of my never-ending quest of grass-blade domination.

sidipHow we passed over this beer in last year’s Triple-Digit-Temperature Beer Guide, I’ll never know. This is one of the few quintessential warm-weather beers that may seem session-able, but watch out for the ABV!

Sudwerk Imperial Pils pours golden honey in color. A fizzy white head recedes to a thin cap with slender lacing. The aroma of light biscuit, grass, pine and citrus fruit are detectable. A tad on the funky, wet-hay side. It smells like summer. The taste is very pleasant throughout with a light bitterness from grassy hops, biscuity malts, and a hint of lemon zest and clove. A light-medium bodied beer with great balance that ranks very high on the scale of refreshment.

If you recall from our February, 2012 article A Great Beer – Pure and Simple (you won’t, so I’ll add a link), we spoke about Sudwerk’s dedication to German heritage in their brewing process, as they adhere to Reinheitsgebot, the German Purity Law. The fact that Sudwerk can create these pleasing beers with only a handful of ingredients is a testament to their craft.

We gave this beer 4 diamonds:


2 thoughts on “Imperial Pilsners – on your six!

  1. Michael Neumann (@xbadcrcx) says:

    I’m sure this beer is delicious and I intend to pick up one or two but I take issue with you calling it a “session beer.” No beer at 7% abv can be drunk in session. It may not be over bearing in flavor but the alcohol alone would put me down if I drank more than 1 or 2.

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