Beer and Order

Hold it right there!
Hold it right there!

You may or may not have heard some hoopla about an “order” that the folks at Arkansas Beverage Control Division have stated they will now be enforcing.   You can see the order by clicking here.  Simply put, in the state of Arkansas, you can’t walk into a liquor store and buy one or two single bottles of beer under 16.9 fluid ounces.  Three is the magic number.  Your loyal beer geeks here at ArkansasBeerBlog have been keeping a close eye on this subject by communicating with the long arm of the law, distributors, retailers and that guy who seems to know everything and everyone standing around at the ballgames. Who is that guy anyhow?

Let’s get something straight:  this isn’t the end of the world.   This order does, however, limit the freedom of us freedom-craving Arkansans.   Personally, I don’t necessarily like someone to tell me how much of something I can buy, or sell for that matter, when it is completely legal… and you have comparable and replaceable options that are not bound by the same laws.  I know what you’re thinking – what about my wife or husband?  They tell me what I can and can’t buy.  Well, that’s different – that’s your own fault.

We are here to advance the craft beer market.  Just a year or two ago, we had no decent imperial IPA option in Arkansas.  If you wanted a great imperial IPA, you were out of luck.  Now we have many options – thanks to the craft beer market evolving and great people like you.

Limiting that wine drinker to a spur-of-the-moment purchase of a very nice single imported Belgian beer will not help advance the craft beer world we live in.  It will not help win over people wanting to try more beer.  Let’s hope that the people behind the scenes get things straight.  Until then, we will have a great excuse to buy more beer.  Because now it’s the law.


2 thoughts on “Beer and Order

  1. Jason Skerbitz says:

    I’m absolutely dumbfounded! Is this kind of crap even close to being considered appropriate use of our taxpayer dollars?? Who the hell comes up with this stupid shite?? My natural Libertarian tendency is to tell them to piss off, and that I alone know what amounts of booze is best for me to purchase and/or possess. Then again, on the other hand, since they are encouraging us to actually buy MORE, I can’t really be too mad about that, now can I?…. lol. But then I quickly revert back to my original inclination of….. who the hells business is it what (or how much) I buy anyway??…. or how much someone may/must sell also…. for that matter. Anyway….. end of rant. 😉

  2. arbeergeek says:

    Jason – it’s a complicated world with strange laws. If any of us southerners went to Oregon or New Jersey, we may be dumbfounded that you can’t pump your own gas yourself. Is this is the best interest of the consumer? Who knows… let’s just hope they make it easy for beer lovers to buy beer. And let’s remember it is up to us beer geeks to support the market and keep the good beer coming!

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