Beer and Technology…and Beer

What do you get when Programmers and App Designers enter into the world of Craft Beer? Efficient and informed awesomeness. Arkansas Beer Blog has been in search of the greatest beer apps available. After a few months of testing, we feel that we’ve found some essential apps for beer geeks. Here are some of our favorites:

BeerBuddyBeer Buddy – This app is great for quick, in-store research. Beer Buddy allows you to use your device’s camera to scan barcodes from beer bottles, cans, and cases to obtain vital information pertaining to that particular beer. Beer Buddy integrates with in order to provide reviews and scores and a searchable archive of over 300,000+ beers. Other conveniences include a “Favorites List”, an “On Tap” feature that allows you to compose a list of beers that you plan to try, as well as a, a database of restaurants, beverage stores, bars and breweries that serve your favorite beer.

Beer-CloudBeer Cloud – This app contains similar functions as some of the others listed (barcode scanner, beer finder, etc.), but Beer Cloud has a great “Sommelier” feature that takes the guesswork out of beer and food pairings. Select a dish you wish to pair and Beer Cloud provides beer styles and even drills down to specific beers that go well with the selected dish.

Brew-VaultBrew Vault – Have a hard time remembering which beers you have laying around in your fridge, cellar, or closet? Brew Vault is here to help. This app allows you to track your beer purchases and trades with exacting detail, including multiple storage locations. Beers are entered into the app by a database search function. During this entry, the quantity, size, price, date, and location can be edited. This vault inventory list can be referenced within the app and even exported to email as an Excel spreadsheet.

UntappdUntappd – The social networking for beer lovers. Untappd allows users to “check into” beers as they drink them. These locations and check-ins can be shared with friends and even interfaces with Twitter and Facebook. Untappd also includes functionality that allows users to rate beers, write short beer reviews, earn badges, and share beer photos.  Fun fact: Your faithful beer bloggers have made many friends due to this app. More fun: Sometimes you can watch your friends ability to write reviews and take photos of beer dwindle into 4th grade levels.

iBeeriBeer – This app features a visual gag that converts your device into a glass of beer. Tilt your device the beer appears to pour out into your mouth or into another connected wifi device. This app is kinda cool…for about ninety seconds. Then the new wears off and your brain turns to mush. Don’t attempt to download the app on 4 of your friend’s iphones, then hold them with both hands and attempt to make a “waterfall” beer chug.  Delete quickly.

BeerSmithBeerSmith – The ultimate companion for home brewing, BeerSmith software lets you search from thousands of beer recipes within their database. An integrated brew-day timer with notifications shows step-by-step instructions and even features an alarm at the end of each step.

Great beer apps are constantly being created. Have any other apps we need to be aware of? Drop us a line and let us know.


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