Sticke It

Beer Review: Uerige Sticke

Style: Altbier

ABV: 6.5%

Drink if you like: Nuts, bread, quenching your thirst and hard work

Time to work.  On drinking good beer.
Time to work. On drinking good beer.

Tonight began like any normal night.  Something broke.  In this case, it was the cabinetry in the kitchen.  And in this case, a beer would be needed in order to fix things.  This is where Uerige Sticke showed up.  You may recall a past review of a Uerige beer – Dopplesticke and how we raved about this being a man’s beer.  You see, Uerige has continued to make beer for beer drinking people (also known as Germans) since its beginning in 1693.  During World War II, the brewery was destroyed; sorry about that guys.  Luckily, it’s been rebuilt.  And luckily to this day they continue to make beer much the same exact way as they did way back when.  Drinking this beer is like rubbing elbows with ol’ Wolfgang Von PenderSchnitzle the carpenter  from 1721.  Needless to say, as my wife saw me dissemble my cabinetry for repairs and asked “Uhhh, you realize that isn’t the side that’s broke,” I felt exactly how Wolfgang would feel….German.  So I told ze beer maid to fetch me another beer.

Warning:  drinking this beer man result in handy work.  Or not.
Warning: drinking this beer man result in handy work. Or not.

Let’s drink ze beer.

Uerige Sticke pours a very hazy brown chestnut cooper color.  The nose will bring you well toasted bread crust and dark fruits like fig and raisons with some extremely well hidden and faint notes of chocolate, earthy hops and toffee.  The beer hits your mouth and seems much lighter than what you’d expect – you get a somewhat crisp beer with bold nutty flavors, a fig like sweetness and dense toasted bread.   It finishes with a wonderful distinctive noble hop dryness that is just about perfect.  What’s interesting is that it extremely drinkable; it’s somewhat of a German signature to make beer that you can drink by the gallon.

We gave this beer 4 diamonds.


2 thoughts on “Sticke It

  1. Jason Skerbitz says:

    Spot on review! I finally got to try this stuff at the Fest-of-Ale last October, and much like everything else that I only got one of….. wish I had scored more….. lol. 😉 Been falling behind on your posts I guess….. I haven’t seen several of these before….. who says sick days aren’t good for something?? 😉

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