Learn and Drink Beer!


Our deadline is fast approaching for the upcoming UAFS beer class.  If you haven’t yet – you need to sign up NOW!  If you have ever been curious about beer, or know someone who is curious about beer, please feel free to partake.  Interesting topics will be covered, including:

  • What exactly is beer?
  • How the heck did we discover that and who wanted to drink it?
  • Why did beer play a part to the beginning of human civilization?
  • How beer is created
  • Beer styles and the history behind them
  • Myths and popular beer culture
  • Tasting and evaluating beer
  • Things you never knew about beer

And of course we are leaving out a very important but fun part: you will get to drink/taste/critique some amazing craft beer!  There will be very hard-to-find beers like Prairie Artisan Ales available as well, and some surprises from your favorite Arkansas beer geek bloggers.  In case you are wondering, you don’t pay extra for the free beer.

We need your help!  Please spread the word!  Click here to see our previous article on this subject.

Please register by calling 479-788-7220 or through the UAFS Center for Lifelong Learning website: http://uafs.edu/cll/cll-registration



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