Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!  We hope each and every one of you beer geeks enjoy celebrating Irish heritage by drinking beer, speaking in a drunk Irish Priest accent, pinching strangers, drinking more beer, and last but not least, urinating in public.

We will be opening up a special beer treat: the beer we recommended last year!  And by last year, we mean literally, that same beer that has been aging for one year.

Authentic bottle date brag photo ©ArkansasBeerBlog 2014

Aging beer is fun; we’ve written about it here and here.

Double Stout  is well suited for aging.  It is also well suited for drinking fresh.  Many years ago (before green flash was available in Arkansas) I took this beer to a fishing trip.  Biff light drinking fisherman were in every corner, yet they enjoyed trying a beer that was different.   This exact beer won the trip’s coveted Jackie Don award.  If you haven’t heard about Jackie Don, perhaps you’ve heard of Sackie Don, The Bargainer, Furrdog, Furnace, Jeeeeekie, or the world famous Joo Woo Dance.  No?  You haven’t lived my friends.


Let’s taste this amazing beer, and see how it compares to the previous article’s fresh tasting notes:

Double stout pours beautifully with a thick, light tan colored head.  Lean and you’ll get a nose of weak coffee, milk chocolate – like a double chocolate milkshake with extra cream, and some very well hidden earthy hops, licorice and hints of cinnamon and brown sugar. Taste follows suite with a wonderful burst of dark bitter chocolate at first, followed by a awesome smoothness featuring ground coffee and more big chocolate notes.  Chocolate that you’d find in something baked – like a chocolate bundt cake covered in chocolate syrup.  It features wonderful chocolate flavor yet still has a delicate dry balance in the back, which pushes this beer to amazing.  Holy cow.  With one year on this beer, we have to push it to 4.5 diamonds!

Happy St. Patty’s day everyone.  Have a wonderful time – imbibe, be merry, urinate when (and where) you need, and don’t drink and drive.  Also do yourself a favor – buy some Green Flash Double Stout.  Drink one or two, and put the rest somewhere in your closet away from light.  You’ll thank me when Saint Patrick’s day rolls around next year.

We gave this beer 4.5 Diamonds:


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