‘MERICA! Beer Edition

Beer Review: Green Flash Palate Wrecker
Style: Ultimate Xtreme Hardcore Maxx Imperial IPA
ABV: 9.5%
Drink if you like: Citrus fruit, pine trees, skydiving without a parachute, slaps to the face, stars n’ stripes


Not too long ago, America entered into a time of “Ultimate Xtremism”. You remember…when seemingly every marketable product and idea suddenly evolved and morphed into labels of “Xtreme”, “XXtreme”, “XXXtreme”, “Maxx”, “Ultimate”, and “Hardcore”. During this literal movement of Ultimate Xtremism, a figurative movement was taking place in kettles and conical fermenters on the West Coast. American-made IPAs took on more and more hops and mutated into a radical form of the original IPA style. This new American IPA even found a home in the BJCP Style Guidelines. Not to be outdone, Imperial IPAs made in the United States took this Xtremism to even new heights.
Enter: Green Flash Palate Wrecker
The Ultimate Xtremism in Palate Wrecker is palpable and the name alone is a prime example of foreshadowing. Labeled a “bitter hop monster” by the brewer, this beer tests at 149 IBUs. No extracts (shortcuts) were used to achieve this level of bitterness. This is attained naturally, with the use of Columbus and Centennial hops during the brewing process.   This is one of the hoppiest bombs you can get your hands on in Arkansas.  Head our warning:  prepare your palate for an all American assault of hops.


Palate Wrecker pours dark orange in color with a slight haze. A soapy head rises above with an aggressive pour. Beautiful lacing builds with each drink. A rich nose of earthy hops, pine resin, grapefruit and other citrus aromas immediately catch you off guard. The taste is multi-leveled and complex with massive grapefruit and pine striking early, followed by layer on layer of sticky earthy hops, tropical fruits, and a decent malt profile to stabilize the back end. This beer is bitter to the Maxx and the flavors linger well beyond the next sip. Wow. Aptly named, this beer elbows its way through your taste buds and plops a seat on your tongue for the rest of the night. What a slap in the face…in a great way!
This beer was made to order for Ultimate Xtremists and Hardcore Hopheads alike. Go forth and wreck palates!

We gave this beer 4.5 Diamonds:


2 thoughts on “‘MERICA! Beer Edition

  1. Rex says:

    I wonder what an Imperial IPA has to do to get five diamonds from you guys?!? I just finished one, and every time I drink one it’s better than the last. Green Flash has truly mastered all things IPA, and we’re fortunate to have them in Arkansas.

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