What do Cowboys drink for breakfast?

Beer Review: Evil Twin The Cowboy

Style: Smoked Pilsner

ABV: 5.5%

Drink if you like: Light lagers, horses, tumbleweed, American history, campfires, an honest living.


So you want to be a cowboy…

Cowboys, as known in American history, have been around for hundreds of years. To this day, they are celebrated for being tough, rugged, and fearless.

Follow the steps below to become a real cowboy:

  1. Quit your current job – Being a real cowboy is a full-time position unless your part-time job is on the rodeo circuit. Also, don’t expect to receive a 401K match or stock purchase plan.
  2. Listen to Chris Ledoux 24/7 – His lyrics are basically a guide to becoming a bad ass cowboy. For street cred, you’ll need a hat band made from a skinned rattler, an eagle feather, and a hat pin…all irreplaceable and sourced from close friends that are no longer with us.
  3. Proper clothing – Hat, bandana, shirt, jeans, boots, leather gloves, etc. Be careful here. You don’t want to look like a “drugstore cowboy”. Don’t forget the stiff lasso and worn spurs.
  4. Thousand yard stare – You’ll need this to override the livestock’s senses in order to control them. Easily confused with a “crazy look”, this also helps out in bar-fight situations.
  5. Lever-action .30-30 – A real cowboy carries this gun for smokin’ ‘yotes on the prairie. You’ll also want a pistol for backup. Not too shiny or you’ll get called names.
  6. Leather skin – Literally, your skin needs to have the appearance and protective qualities of animal hide.
  7. Brute strength – Working cattle, throwing bales of alfalfa hay, and mending fences will require Cowboy muscles, not to be confused with Beach muscles.
  8. Work ethic – Work starts at sunrise and ends at sunset. Those cows you pushed 3 miles last week…they have to be pushed again. Also, there are no built-in sick days or vacation days. Toughen up.



…So you don’t want to be a cowboy anymore, but you want to feel like one for a few minutes? 

Follow this simple step to become a provisional cowboy:

  1. Plop down in front of a John Wayne flick and get yourself a cold Evil Twin-The Cowboy. This Smoked Pilsner is cowboy life in a bottle and starts out with a hazy Amarillo sunset golden orange pour. The aroma of pale malt combines with musty barn and campfire smoke. The taste follows with wood smoke, biscuits, sweet malts, and a touch of peppery hops to balance. This is a great Pilsner variant that will take the edge off as you bed down under the stars.

You can find The Cowboy at the following locations:

Colonial Wines & Spirits – Little Rock

The Vineyard – Fort Smith

Poinsett Package – Harrisburg

Professor Bowl – Little Rock

Sodie’s Liquor – Fort Smith

Grapevine Wine & Spirits – Little Rock

Judicious Spirits – Mountain Home

Macadoodles – Springdale

Markham Street Liquor – Little Rock

Midtowne Wine & Spirits – Little Rock

Doe’s Eat Place – Fort Smith



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