Ashland Amber…Will You Marry Me?

Beer Review: Caldera Ashland Amber

Style: Amber Ale

ABV: 5.4%

Drink if you like: Balanced flavors, caramel, trophies, ninjas, and aluminum.

Much to the delight of craft beer enthusiasts, great beers are rolling into our state at a frequency we’ve never before seen. Brewers have taken notice of the evolving palates in Arkansas and they’re happy to oblige us.

From the Pacific Northwest, we’re proud to welcome Caldera Brewing Company and one of their flagship beers, Ashland Amber. While the Amber style may not sound as sexy as a DIPA or a Sour, this is a beer you would take home to meet your parents. The marrying type. Ashland Amber has made quite a name for itself over the past few years on the competition circuit. In 2014 alone, Caldera Ashland Amber has racked up the following prestigious awards:

Gold Award – Category: Amber Ale – Competition: North American Beer Awards
Silver Award – Category: Amber Ale – Competition: Los Angeles Beer Awards
Silver Award – Category: British Style Pale Ale – Competition: Australian International Beer Awards
Silver Award – Category: Amber Ale – Competition – Beverage Testing Institute, Chicago, IL

4 awards in 8 months is quite impressive. Before the can is even opened, we know this is something special. We’ll be the judge of that…

Ashland Amber pours clear dark amber brown with great head retention that laces the glass. A quick sniff reveals a biscuity malt with a good dose of caramel. An earthy hop presence is subtle with a detectable scent of pine. The taste of Ashland Amber follows closely to the aroma with an initial greeting of sweet caramel malt, which is the star of the show, but does not overshadow a great balance of floral and citrus hops that add the perfect amount of bitterness. A faint pine flavor resides like a ninja in a dark corner. The medium body and carbonation enhance the drinkability of this beer.

Validated by the many awards it has received over the past year, this Amber is on-point for the style. Caldera has successfully produced a highly drinkable, extremely enjoyable, and well-balanced beer, perfect for any setting. This daily drinker definitely just made our tailgate selection.

This beer is just a few weeks old here in Arkansas and is making its way to stores near you. If you can’t find this beer at your local establishment…ask for it!

We give this beer 4 diamonds:



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