The Legend

Beer Review: Saison Dupont

Style: Saison/Farmhouse

ABV: 6.5%

Drink if you like: Clean flavors, Belgian farm hands, Boston Celtics, grass, summer.
Although we’ve mentioned this glorious beer in previous articles, such as here, here, here, here, and here…it only recently came to our attention that in three years of beer blogging and many, many bottles of this wonderful liquid flowing through our livers, we’ve never formally reviewed Saison Dupont. Please forgive us for this egregious error which we will correct….NOW!

Saison Dupont“The Legend” as Saison Dupont is often referred to in beer geek circles around the world, didn’t earn this moniker with a quirky label, clever name, or mass marketing. This industry classic has survived years of imitation and still remains the glittering benchmark of the Saison style.

I didn’t have to go far to get my hands on this beer. This has been a staple in my cellar for quite some time. A glance at the yellow and white checkered label warms my soul. I slowly remove the cage and loosen the cork. POP! The complex aroma instantly fills the room.

Saison Dupont pours golden yellow with residual haze. Yeast sediment clings to the bottom of the bottle. A hard pour reveals a frothy white head, reminiscent of a healthy Belgian design. Beautiful lacing forms between sips. The nose blends notes of bread, citrus, great sour funk, coriander, and faint earthy hops.

The taste requires some time to process. “Complex” is an understatement. At first gulp, sweet fruit flavors lightly coat the tongue. Think peach and orange peel. This initial welcome is immediately followed by an onslaught of chewy bread, pepper, bananas, grass, and dank barnyard notes. Belgian funk is generously intertwined into these flavor layers as this clean and crisp beer plays out. The thin body, dryness, and high carbonation combine to play a significant role in the enjoyment of this beer.

Larry Bird
“If I sink this three pointer, I could celebrate with a Saison Dupont!”

I thoroughly enjoy the Saison style and have many favorites. In the end, I can’t help but compare each one of them to The Legend, Saison Dupont (not Larry Bird…but similarly awesome).

We gave this beer a rare rating of 5 Diamonds. You can find this beer all over our great state.



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