Cherry Funk and Friends

Beer Review: Prairie Cherry Funk

Style: American Wild Ale (Sour Ale aged on cherries)

ABV: 7.5%

Drink if you like: Tree fruit, SweetTarts, monogamy, and beakers.


Prairie Artisan Ales, how we love you. You bring us fresh World-Class beers from just across our state line. The beautiful art on your label foreshadows the wonderful flavors found under your cigarette-smoking, catfish-adorned cap. You hail from Oklahoma, yet we don’t even mind. Let us delve into the newest Funk line from our friends at Prairie.

FullSizeRenderCherry Funk pours cloudy amber with strawberry hue. One finger of light pink head forms a bubbly blanket with a hard pour. A light earthy funk with a hint of cherry bite in the nose. Some sour qualities are present in the smell with other acidic aromas. One wonders if the taste will follow suit. A sip brings cherries to the forefront, albeit more subdued than expected. Velvety malt notes remain behind the curtain as the acidity level increases to create for a dry finish.

Described as a Sour Ale, Cherry Funk dials back the sour in this beer’s case. This would be a great entry-level Sour for those not ready for the pucker factor of big Sour flavors.

Being the intrepid explorers of flavor that we are, it would be unfair not to mention a blending experiment we performed with Cherry Funk. Although this beer is good on its own, we found sheer glory when we blended Cherry Funk with Evil Twin Lil’ B. Three parts Lil’ B to one part Cherry Funk was the sweet spot, literally. The chocolate and coffee flavors in Lil’ B made up the hearty body of this blend with the cherry and funky, mild sour tones of Cherry Funk adding an ideal level of acidity to send this mélange over the top and definitely in our top 5 beer blends we’ve experimented with.  Give these two as a gift and call it “the beer version of cordial cherries.”

Prairie specializes in limited-quantity brews. Do yourself and your tongue a favor and grab this Cherry Funk before it is gone. Don’t forget its partner, Lil’ B!


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