Beers of Arkansas and Oklahoma Class (Fort Smith) – 11/6/14 and 11/13/14

It’s that time again, beer-loving Arkansans! Beers of Arkansas and Oklahoma Class in Fort Smith, USA is right around the corner, and by corner, we mean NEXT WEEK! We’ll cover a range of topics including the history of beer, how beer has affected civilization, why beer was such a big deal then and now, sensory science, and most important, tasting the wonderful new beers brewed in Arkansas and Oklahoma.


Yes, that is correct; you will be drinking complimentary (free) beer throughout the class.  You will be guided through a wonderful journey to beer Zen, and you will be enjoying wonderful beer the whole time.

This class is cost efficient – you’ll spend less money than you would trying all these beers at a bar.  It’s fun – you learn about beer and drink beer.  It’s a great excuse to get out of the house – “Honey, I have that college class I’m attending tonight!”

Beers of Arkansas and Oklahoma will take place on consecutive Thursday evenings, 11/6/14 and 11/13/14, from 6-8pm at the Blue Lion (formerly Second Street Live) downtown Fort Smith.

Sign up by clicking the following link or by phone listed below using CRN 5085:

Copy and paste this URL and send it to everyone you know: or call (479) 788-7220.

Sign up before it’s too late!!


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