Beer Review: Green Flash Soul Style IPA

Beer Review:Green Flash Soul Style IPA

Style – American IPA

ABV – 6.5%

IBU – 75

Drink with: friends, family, enemies and pets.

When cold weather hits, beer drinkers tend to move to darker, stronger beers like stouts, porters and barrel aged whale blood. Common sense says that these beers pair well with cold weather; and they do. They also pair well with your visiting in-laws, because getting drunk is more fun whilst people ask you what you are going to do with your life.  Our nationally popular beer style, IPA, steps out of the spotlight for a while, because these seasonal offerings are crowding the beer shelves. But I’m here to tell you, my hop head friends, that winter time is a great time for IPAs.


Why is that? First off, hops are freakin’ awesome. You knew that. But what makes hops totally freakin’ awesome? Fresh hops. When are hops harvested? Depending on where you are, from August to October. If you are in New Zealand it’s the opposite of August to October.

You may notice the “fresh/wet hop” ales that have hit the shelves lately – they are wonderful. However, there is an amazing beer that is hitting the shelves now – and it’s an early Christmas for hop lovers. Green Flash Soul Style tastes so fresh it hurts. For those in the super beer geek world, or those who trade beer (yes we have a thriving beer trade market here in Arkansas), this will have you talking about the fruits of Green Flash working closely with Alpine Brewing.

Yes, this IPA packs some dank hops. It’s in our opinion one of the best IPAs available in Arkansas. Let’s learn a bit more about this Christmas surprise from the brewer’s website:

ssipa2About Soul Style:
Confident that the brewing team would develop an outstanding single IPA, the name “Soul Style” refers to the grace of the rarely seen, soul style surfer who leans way back on the board, making each difficult maneuver appear effortless. Soul Style is the Green Flash approach the art of crafting the perfect IPA. Citra, Simcoe and Cascade hops are layered to allow bright tropical citrus to mingle with waves of floral notes that break gently on the palate. Soul Style IPA is 6.5% ABV with 75 IBUs.

We live in an age where around 1,000 beers may have a description similar to that. So let’s just drink the beer, shall we?

Soul Style pours a light copper color with a nice tight soapy white head. My favorite part about drinking this beer is the nose – your nose will be absolutely devastated by the dank hops. You’ll find grapefruit, pungent and fruity marijuana-like notes, orange, citrus, and a handful of other notes in this wonderfully crafted hop profile. The taste is a delightful blast of apricot, mango and floral notes, followed with big pine resin and some slight alcohol burn. The malt profile is second or third fiddle to the hops in this beer; very indicative of the west coast style- and a style Green Flash is very comfortable cranking out. I can see how they have the analogy of the “soul style” surfing – going for a “you guys make this look easy” type of message. The mouth feel is very prickly and appropriate for this beer – you are left satisfied yet wanting more.

Please – don’t forget these poor poor IPAs this winter! If you are a hop head, you’re in for a heck of a treat!

We gave this beer 5 diamonds:


One thought on “Beer Review: Green Flash Soul Style IPA

  1. Rex says:

    I’ll be stopping by my liquor store to pick some up after work. Is that a six-pack I see there? Hope so…I haven’t seen anything Green Flash in a sixer in a coon’s age!

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