Happy National Beer Day!

NBDAs you’ve heard this morning, it’s National Beer Day.  Perhaps you’ve received a few text messages wishing you well on this wonderful (should be) national holiday…..  And perhaps you have anticipated these texts, as you do every year, and you have been relishing in the delight of replying to these well-wishers with a photo of yourself standing half naked on top of 5 wooden beer barrels while in one hand balancing a large silver tray of 42 beers stacked on each other and in the other you are chugging a 200 ounce limited edition white-whale of a beer (this run-on sentence was required for effect).  This is why Photoshop should always be taught in high school.

So why am I getting in trouble for sending these photos to people?  Because on this particular day in the year 1933, prohibition officially ended.  For 12 long and joyless years, America participated in the “Great Experiment.”  And as most of my 5th grade science experiments went, it blew up in everyone’s face.  When dealing with volcanoes, bigger is not always better.

So let’s raise a glass tonight, and remember that not too long ago enjoying a fine crafted beer was ILLEGAL.  Heavens to Betsy!  And on this day, people could officially enjoy a beautiful, delicious, amazing beer…guilt-free!



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