What is beer?  Beer is a food product made in its purest form from yeast, barley, hops and water. And as with other foods, the processes for producing beer significantly affect the quality of the final product. Just as you can get a ground up steak as a hamburger from McDonald’s (akin to a macrobrew), you can also have it prepared in a fine restaurant by a master chef (this is craft beer).

What is craft beer?  Craft beer is primarily characterized by a brewer’s attention to recipes and ingredients that maximize the flavor, appearance and aroma of your beer. The craft brewer almost always personally oversees the selection of ingredients and the entire brewing process and constantly monitors flavor and quality. And unlike mass market beers, craft beer isn’t normally “contract brewed” in multiple facilities. The brewer is the one who both writes and follows the recipe. This isn’t just a quality measure — it also ensures that you, the consumer, end up with a beer that’s more like a signed print in the art world and not just a poster.

It’s important to remember that as you drink a fine craft beer, you have a conversation with the brewer and you interpret subtly, style, and creativity, just as you would with a piece of art.

Still interested in the amazing world of craft beer?  Check out a few articles to get you started, as well as some basic educational articles about craft beer below:

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Beers to drink during those hot Arkansas summers

Take a look and start the class if you want:  Beer 101

You wouldn’t drink fine wine from the bottle would you?  Pour beer in the proper glassware.

Try to savor all those hops!

It’s always fun to discuss food pairing.


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